Amartha: UX Case Study — Gold Investment Feature




  1. Provides a user-friendly gold investment platform.
  2. Encourage Amartha’s users to invest in gold through gamification.


Design Process

1 — Empathize

2 — Define

Pain point

How might we

3 — Ideate

Solution ideas

Affinity diagram

Prioritization Ideas

Crazy 8's

4 — Prototype

User flow


UI design system

UI design


5 — Testing

Research objective

  1. Finding out the needs of users in making online gold investments.
  2. Finding out user habits in making gold purchases.
  3. Find out the level of usability, convenience, and satisfaction of the idea solutions offered in the gold transaction process flow.

Respondent criteria

  1. 18–55 years old
  2. People earning +- of the minimum wage
  3. Understand basic investment knowledge (compound return)
  4. Domiciled in urban to rural areas
  5. Have the ability to speak Indonesian as a native language
  6. Have good articulation in communication
  7. Have a good level of understanding of technology





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